Trojan Industrial Ladders – Premium EN131 Professional Ladders with Stabiliser Bar

Price: £78.96£360.20 (ex. VAT)

  • Aluminium industrial extension ladder
  • Certified to EN131 Professional
  • Rectangular ‘Box’ section sides for extra strength and rigidity
  • Large 35mm ‘D’ shaped serrated rungs
  • All sizes above 3.0m are fitted with a stabiliser bar
  • Non-slip serrated rubber feet
  • Wall wheels to aid in extending the ladder
  • Single Section ladder sizes of 2.5m and 3.0m are supplied without a stabiliser bar in accordance with the latest safe ladder use guidelines
  • Can be fitted with articulated feet fitted – ask for details
  • 15-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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Titan Trojan Aluminium Industrial Ladders with a stabiliser bar for industrial and trade use.

A premium industrial-grade heavy-duty aluminium extension ladder with a stabiliser bar or without a stabiliser bar.

At last the heavy-duty EN131 ladder, the industry has been waiting for. The Titan Trojan Industrial Ladder is a British-made, heavy-duty extension ladder, certified to EN131 Professional. Titan Trojan Industrial Ladder is available to buy in multiple sizes, ranging from a single-section ladder, a double-section extension ladder or a triple-section extension ladder, with heights extending all the way up to 10m high.

Titan Trojan Industrial Ladders have been manufactured to give strength and stability in tough working environments. It has been stress tested to supersede the latest EN131 safety standards, and offers a 20% higher load rating than EN131 Professional requires to give Class 1 durability. With the best strength and durability rating available to buy in the UK, the Titan Trojan Industrial Ladders are the perfect industrial strength ladder for the toughest working environments including construction sites, and commercial work sites.

Packed full of features to keep you safe, the Titan Trojan Industrial Ladder range is designed for maximum durability and comfort when working at height with heavy-duty 35mm oversized D-shaped serrated rungs that orientate flat when the user erects the extension ladder at the correct climbing angle, deep serrated rubber feet, wall wheels to aid in extending the ladder and a heavy-duty galvanised steel ladder locking catch.

The Titan Trojan Industrial Ladders can also be customised and fitted with articulated feet fitted if needed – please speak to the Titan Team for further information.

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TRO25S 2.5m 6.0kg 9
TRO30S 3.0m 7.0kg 11
TRO35S 3.5m 9.0kg 13
TRO40S 4.0m 10.0kg 15
TRO45S 4.5m 11.0kg 17
TRO50S 5.0m 12.0kg 19
TRO55S 5.5m 13.0kg 21


TRO25D 2.5m 4.0m 11kg 9
TRO30D 3.0m 5.0m 14kg 11
TRO35D 3.5m 6.0m 17kg 13
TRO40D 4.0m 7.1m 25kg 15
TRO45D 4.5m 8.1m 28kg 17
TRO50D 5.0m 9.1m 30kg 19
TRO55D 5.5m 10.1m 33kg 21


TRO25T 2.5m 5.5m 28kg 9
TRO30T 3.0m 7.1m 33kg 11
TRO35T 3.5m 8.6m 35kg 13
TRO40T 4.0m 10.1m 44kg 15
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  • Free next-day delivery services are subject to availability. Geographical restrictions may apply.
  • Please bear in mind that these products are large when placing your order, as they are made to order they are non-returnable. If you have any questions please be sure to ask before purchasing.
  • Users must fit the stabiliser bar to meet the latest safe ladder use guidelines issued by the Ladder Association and HSE.
  • Ladder design may differ slightly from images by product development. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.

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Single section 2.5m, Single section 3.0m, Single section 3.5m, Single section 4.0m, Single section 4.5m, Single section 5.0m, Single section 5.5m, 2 Section 2.5m – 4.0m, 2 Section 3.0m – 5.0m, 2 Section 3.5m – 6.0m, 2 Section 4.0m – 7.1m, 2 Section 4.5m – 8.1m, 2 Section 5.0m – 9.1m, 2 Section 5.5m – 10.1m, 3 Section 2.5m – 5.5m, 3 Section 3.0m – 7.1m, 3 Section 3.5m – 8.6m, 3 Section 4.0m – 10.1m

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